News About Yoga In The Atlanta Area

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Yoga is a form of exercise that originated in India. Many sources say that this price has been around since the BC times, but it still remains popular today. The reason that yoga has grown in popularity over the recent years is because many health benefits have been found. Studies have shown that people who practice yoga have healthier weights, healthier blood pressure and are able to manage stress better. People who are living in the Atlanta area have several places where they can practice yoga at. Some of them include: Nirvana Yoga, Kashi Atlantic Inc, Onlyoga and Jai Shanti Yoga.

Nirvana Yoga holds classes every day and the price is around 5 per class. Kashi Atlantic Inc also holds classes every day and costs around 5 per last. Onlyoga is offer classes every day. People who are interested in doing yoga and this studio have several payment options. They can pay for 12 classes for 141.00, 20 classes for 191.00 and unlimited classes for 3 months for 400 dollars.

Jai Shanti Yoga offers classes every day of the week. People can either pay 10.00 for one class, 70.00 for five classes, 144 dollars for twelve classes or 1600 for unlimited classes for a year.

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